I can’t believe 2016 is over. Each year I realize that a year seems to fly by so quickly. Now, with only one day left until it’s 2017, I decided to look back at some of my favorite memories of 2016.

These are a few of my favorite moments and memories from 2016. There are so many plans and ideas and I can’t wait to share these projects with you.

1. Met amazing, ambitious and creative people
During my trips, one of the things I cherish the most is that I get to meet the most amazing, inspiring, creative and kind individuals. Everyone I met is so enterprising & supportive and I am so happy that I’ve met them – because they motivate me to keep doing what I do & love most: to travel and discover the most beautiful and coolest must-sees, must-stays, hotspots, brands, so much more and share them with you. My wish for 2017 is to meet more amazing people & explore countless places and I am sure that this will happen.

2. My first time vlogging!
OMG! Yes. I vlogged my trip for the first time and the plan for 2017 is to vlog during ALL MY TRIPS. Seriously, I don’t know how some of you b/vloggers manage to vlog besides taking pictures, using social media, having descent convos and actually enjoying the moment. I even had my bf with me to help out, but still, it was difficult. All your vlog-tips are welcome! My first vlog will be online in the first week of 2017! Subscribe to my YouTube channel and be the first to watch!

3. Became an auntie for the 2nd time
The birth of my niece was definitely a huge highlight of 2016. During my Summer holiday I became an auntie for the 2nd time. I am already an aunt to a boy, so this babygirl completed it! You might have seen my niece and my nephew on InstaStory before. So for everyone asking: those are not my kids (even though I sometimes feel like a mom to them lol).

4. Hiked in the Atlas Mountains
Each year my dad travels to the Atlas Mountains to hike. It has become an annual thing! During Summer 2016 I decided to go with him. It was such an experience! Leaving all the luxury in Marrakech behind and enjoy a few days without WiFi, electronics and even a signal. We stayed in a hotel in Imlil and the next morning we left by foot (20 Km) at 1750 km high to our next hotel in Tachedirt. We passed by small villages, met the locals (where we stayed for a bit after insisting we should stay to rest and have atay made from mint leaves his garden!) and got to see another breathtaking side of Morocco: nature. During the hiking I’ve experienced low-blood pressure, fast breathing, pain in the muscles – and you know what? It felt so good! Definitely recommending you to do this in 2017! It’s also a great group activity.

5. Did a raid buggy tour
I had the most amazing time with Amazing Raid Buggy in Marrakech. You can read a blog about my experience soon, but here’s what I have to say for now: So, basically, if you’ve never done this before: GO DO IT NOW. Make it a bucketlist item for 2017. I don’t care – just do it. It gives you new energy, positive vibes and strength! A perfect way to start 2017.

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