Hi Morocco-lovers!

I am Yusra, a Dutch-Moroccan creative that loves to talk and write about travel, fashion and lifestyle. This obviously also has a lot to do with my Instagram @moroccanmusthaves, my blog and my shop

It all started in 1992, when I first visited Morocco for our annual family holiday – my love for this country was born. But since I was just born myself as well, I obviously don’t have any memories from back then. So after exploring Morocco each family holiday with my dad, I decided to discover the country myself in 2014. Starting with Marrakech. On this blog & Instagram you will find most of my favorite must-stays, must-sees, must-visit and of course must-eats in the Red City 🙂

In September 2017 I decided to take four of the biggest Dutch influencers Anna Nooshin, Lizzy van de Ligt, Claartje Rose and Yara Michels on a trip to discover the beauty of Marrakech! You can find our journey here, here and here and via #themoroccandream on Instagram.

After our dreamy trip I have organized trips for brands, bloggers and magazines such as L’Officiel Netherlands, SUITSUIT, Nicole Ballardini, Hella Huizinga and Maria Tailor.

I hope to inspire you to discover Marrakech (and Morocco) yourself as well!


For collabs, social media projects, trip-organizations or any other inquiries contact me at


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