5 tips for the perfect Instagram pics

I often get compliments about the pictures on my Instagram feed, and therefore often asked how I do this. In this post I’ll give you five tips on how to make the perfect Instagram photo with your smartphone!

1. A good camera
The key to making a good picture is obviously a good camera. Although smartphones nowadays almost have the megapixel of an SLR camera, I still use my iPhone 5s. Personally I find this a very good camera. If you already have an SLR camera (without WiFi), then I have another great tip for you: use a Wi-Fi SD card! This SD card can be used to transfer photos, that you have made with your camera, directly to your phone via Wi-Fi. I’ve never used this, but if you find it difficult to take good pictures with your smartphone, then I definitely recommend it!

2. Exposure & Focus

A good picture starts by using the correct exposure. If I open the camera on my smartphone, I instantly click on the screen with my finger, so that the camera focuses on that which I want it to be focused on. This automatically changes the exposure and thus the quality of your photo.

3. Say no to photo cropping!

Since Instagram made it possible for us to post picture without cropping them, that is all I do! I try to make all my Instagram photos vertically. Personally, I think the size of the photo gives an extra effect and is much better and prettier than a small square picture.

4. Take lots of pictures

I never take just ONE pic. I prefer to make them from every angle, and as much as possible. Later on I select the highest quality and most beautiful, and delete the rest.

5. Editing

And last but DEFINITELY not least, the editing! One of my favorite options on Instagram is playing with the contrast of the pictures. Using the contrast-option, the photo will turn sharper and gives it a professional look. I also almost always adjust the lightning. I love bright pictures because they give my feed a fresh look! Of course you also can put a filter over your pictures. Personally I (almost) never use a filter, because I love the original colors.

Check out my favorite Instagram pics below! Do you have any questions about making the perfect shot? Please leave a comment under this post!









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  1. Chayma El Kouaa says: Reply

    So you do this photos with an iphone i belived that they are made with a camera!

    1. YUSRA says: Reply

      Nope, they’re really made with my iPhone 5s camera 🙂

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