Your own driver with Travel Plans Marrakech

Even though I think that taking a cab is a must-do (at least once) in Morocco, I also highly recommend booking your own driver with carat a Touristic Transport Agency! In this blog I am talking about my favorite in Marrakech.

My experience with Travel Plans Marrakech is reason for me to always make sure I have a private driver and car when in Marrakech (or anywhere in Morocco). It takes away the worries of finding a good cab -(although this can be a journey itself) gives you way more time to do many things during the day and go to places that are outside the city center. Also nice to know that all cars at Travel Plans Marrakech are airconditioned, so you don’t need your own little portable fan lol. Even better: some of the cars have Wi-Fi. Yay!

I find it really important that the drivers I book are kind, respectful and always on time. This is what I found at Travel Plans Marrakech, and we have had several drivers. Besides taking you to places, they also act as your bodyguard – for example if you go out, you need to be somewhere late at night – they will make sure you are safe. You can pick your own car – a BMW, mercedes, mini van and even a Range Rover or an Audi Q7 🙂 It’s up to you!

 So, for everyone that goes to Marrakech, wants to do a lot of activities – as well in the city as outside – and doesn’t want to waste any time, book yourself a driver!

Check out Travel Plans Marrakech’s website for bookings and more information. Or just easily sent them an email at

N°13 Biz, Talaint – Ain Itti 40060
(a cote de RIU Tikida Garden Hotel)
Marrakech – Morocco


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