The Moroccan Dream trip

It’s already been a few months since we organized The Moroccan Dream trip! Finally I found the time to write an article about the most amazing Marrakech trip I have ever had.

We would like to start this article with a BIG BIG BIG thank you to everyone that made it possible. First of all, La Vida Travel – thank you for believing in this trip and making it possible for us to travel to Marrakech without any worries and, of course, for arranging us the best seats!! We definitely recommend all Dutchies to book their trip to Marrakech or any other city in the world via this young, inspiring travel agency.

The next BIG BIG BIG thank you goes out to our two stays during the trip. Villa Taj Omayma – we truly had an amazing few days here. This serene place makes you forget you’re only 40 minutes away from the big city. The stunning pool, palm trees and not to forget the rooftop that gives you the most stunning view over the Atlas Mountains makes it a place to never forget. Thank you for the first warm welcome in Marrakech. Definitely recommend this spot as a wedding location!

And then… Dar el Sadaka. We can not even put in words how magical our stay was here. You simply have to experience it to understand what we mean when we say MAGIC. This place showed us that it does not only exist in Disney movies or dreams. Just thinking about our stay here gives us the happiest feeling ever. We were surprised so many times by this amazing place, designed and created by Jean-François Fourtou. Besides being the luckiest girls ever having the possibility to spend some nights here – we were also the luckiest girls having Dar el Sadaka taking care of the last night in Marrakech: The Moroccan Dream Dinner Party. This place will forever have our hearts.

If we didn’t have Travel Plans Marrakech, we would be lost! After travelling with Travel Plans during my regular trips, I was 100% convinced that I wanted to have them as the company that would drive us anywhere we’d like. Always on time, always there, always kind and less but not least – always Wi-Fi :). Thank you thank you thank you!

We wouldn’t be able to show you a glimpse of the magic without our camera-friend Lahcen Mellal. My favorite photographer in Marrakech! He travelled with us the complete week, from 6am till sunset. Thank you for being there Lahcen, and thank you for the amazing aftermovie (check it out at the bottom of the article).

Bringing these to together was the best thing we did during the trip. We would like to thank Pâtisserie Amandine for making us the best breakfast I’ve ever had (and I’m sure of the girls as well!). Everything was freshly made and the Amandine team worked the whole night for us to deliver a perfect setting. We can’t thank you enough! Then another big thanks goes to Kaftan Queen for the amazing design session we had. Thanks for giving us this wonderful place to have breakfast, laugh, inspire and design. We are sure that it won’t be the last time you’ll read their names.

We wanted to add a bit adrenaline and spice to this trip, and the best place to do this at it at Dunes DesertThank you for having us and giving us a Quad bike / Raid buggy trip to (litterally) NEVER forget (check out Anna’s vlog to find out why lol!). The weather was perfect, great views over the stone desert & atlas mountains – and not to forget a delicious and fun typical Moroccan lunch. We had a wonderful time!

We could not leave Marrakech without a visit to the Atlas Mountains. So another BIG thank you goes Domaine de la RoseraieDefinitely one of the highlights of our trip. With all the activities of the previous days, Domaine de la Roseraie was the ultimate place to take a break – an escape from anything hectic. Thank you for the hamam treatments, massages and honestly the most delicious HEALTHY, bio lunch we had during the trip.

It was a dream for us to have lunch at Hotel Selman with all the girls and give them a day to never forget. Thank you Selman for making our dream come true! We had an incredible lunch, with great service and a horse show to never forget. Eating off 14K plates is not something you do on a daily basis ;).

If there’s a place you can’t miss when in Marrakech, it’s El Fenn. Thank you El Fenn for taking care of a lovely, romantic dinner in the middle of the medina.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: the perfect spot for a break during all the souk-shopping. And that’s exactly what we did. Thank you Nomad for giving us the burgers we were craving for.

Also a big thank you to Faysal for designing the invite & all the small cards that we used during the trip. Exactly what we needed!

And last but MOST definitely not least, thank you girls: Anna, Claire, Lizzy & Yara for being the kindest girls ever. Your energy and positive vibes completed our trip and made it a success.

You can follow the hashtag via #THEMOROCCANDREAM on Instagram to check out all the things we did! You can also check out vlogs by Anna Nooshin & Yara Michels to see a glimpse of our dream.

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