I like to receive any cooperation proposals that are creative and interesting. Do you want to receive more information about my mediakit, do you have an idea or suggestion or a question about advertising opportunities? You can always email me at

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It is possible to bring your brand to the attention of my blog and/or social media channels. This can be done in different ways.


Place an ad with the logo of your company or an image in the sidebar. The image is clickable and immediately links to your website and continues to stand for the agreed number of months. Also possible for events.


Do you want to bring your company or product to the attention? A sponsored story is a blog post on my site where your product, service, event or brand will be highlighted. In the article, there will be linked to your website and social media channels. You can either provide a complete article, or a product that I will review including professional photographs. A sponsored story includes a post on both Instagram and Facebook. The article remains on the site and is not removed. Also, there is the possibility to link a win or discount action to the article.

I’m open to barter deals. This implies that there will be written a blog in exchange for one or more products. This could also mean trying out a (new) restaurant or hotel. The value of the product will determine the size of the PR. Make an offer and receive an appropriate proposal!


Will you organize a nice trip to Morocco or any other particular country that suits my blog? And does it fit my audience? I’d love to go! There will be written one or more articles which includes Instagram and Facebook posts and live videos on Snapchat. The organization will also be tagged or we can create a unique hashtag throughout the journey. In addition, there is also a video made of the trip. The video is posted on YouTube and will be redirected there from Instagram and Facebook.

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