Lunch at O’Mammy Burger Marrakech

At O’Mammy Burger in Marrakech I had the best burger ever! 

O’Mammy Burger is located 5 km from the hectic m’dina of Marrakech at the golfclub Golf Prestigia. While having lunch, you can enjoy a beautiful and relaxing view over the golf court. Even though at first instant you might think you can only have burgers at O’Mammy, they also have a wide arrangement of several yummy salads! But if you’re a burger love like me, you should definitely try their burgers…

I started off lunch with a fresh smoothie named ‘Fruits Rouges’, then of course I had to pick out a burger, which took me quiet a while since all their burgers look like a little piece of heaven. Eventually I picked the ‘Caesar’ burger; a rustic bun with crispy chicken breaded with cornflakes, parmesan, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and of course Caesar sauce! It is my so far best burger I have ever had. To finish this lovely lunch I had a real American cheesecake with red fruits and a bowl of ice cream. Definitely a must-visit when in Marrakech 😉

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  1. Fatima says: Reply

    Ik ben bezig met onze trip naar Marrakech te plannen en probeer hier veel tips te halen. Aan welke prijzen moet ik ongeveer denken? Hoop dat ik een antwoord krijg! Bedankt!

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