Horse show lunch at Selman Marrakech

Most of the time, The Moroccan Dream trip really felt as a dream. This special lunch at Hotel Selman was definitely something that contributed to this!

Just like my dream to create a dream trip to Marrakech, Hotel Selman also started with a dream: a dream of the Bennani Smires family to create a magical & unique place in the grandfather’s hometown Marrakech. Two of the family members, Abdeslam and his sister Saida have created their grandfather’s dream: A stay at this calm palm oasis in Marrakech where Moroccans and glam globetrotters from all around the world can live their Arabian dream of desert luxury.

So, what if you could have lunch, with an amazing view, in beautiful weather and have the most gorgeous Arab thoroughbreds giving you a show right in front of you? Of course we were absolutely thrilled to include this dreamy experience within our trip. At arrival we were welcomed with refreshing cocktails at the horse stables where we got to see the Arabian horses, learned about them, their talents (and the prices they won!) and of course Hotel Selman’s story. These horses were truly the prettiest I have ever seen.

Arriving at our lunch spot, it was impossible to bat an eyelid (or to not continuously take pictures (thanks to Lahcen Mellal for creating the ones below) with a view over the 80sqm infinity pool, green grassed gardens and blue skies. The large table made sure we were given a great choice of sweet and savoury dishes with a combination of Moroccan salads and refined and delicious verrines. Hotel Selman’s staff was exceptionally kind and polite, which made sure that this palatial hotel felt like a grand private and warm world. A dream that came true!

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Hotel Selman
Km5 Route d’Amizmiz، Marrakesh 40160, Morocco

Pictures taken by Lahcen Mellal

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