Highlighter stick by Monki

You can’t deny it: highlighters are the sh*t! Especially when you can easily put them in your mini clutch. Read about my new favorite highlighter in this post!

How cool is this? A highlighter in the form of a stick. I’ve never any bought makeup from the clothing brand Monki, so I was a bit skeptical about buying any makeup here first. Thank God for testers (apply on your hand, never your face please). After testing it out on the top of my hands, I was super enthusiastic and had to take the magic stick with me of course.

The highlighter stick comes in four different colors. I went for the color MoonBeam because it found it matching my skin color the best. It’s super easy to use the stick. Just simply apply it on your cheekbones, your forehead, your nose, upper lips and chin. I love to bring an extra layer to my cheekbones, it gives an extra glow!

The stick is only € 6.00 and available in Monki stores.







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