Arabic Name Necklace by Rana el Ibrik

My personalized Arabic name necklace Ranawiyat Jewlery finally arrived – all the way from Lebanon!

I love timeless and simple jewelry, especially if they are personalized! Ranawiyet Jewelry is a jewelry brand of Lebanese designer Rana El Ibrik. All pieces are made by a very old and traditional technique of hand piercing with a jeweler’s saw made by Rana in her studio. The items are made of sterling silver and brass. Also plating is available (a layer of silver or gold), and is produced by professional metallurgists, using gold, rose gold and rhodium, both matt or glossy finish. I choose a gold coin engraved with my name in Arabic. And not just engrave; My name is actually printed, how cool is that? It has become my favorite necklace and I wear it almost every day!

Design your own necklace or choose from one of the designs of Rana El Ibrik. Order HERE.



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  1. Sigourney Mailuhu says: Reply

    Hoelang duurde het voordat je het sieraad binnen had?

    1. YUSRA says: Reply

      Hmm, weet het niet precies, maar niet lang!

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