African Black Soap by Body Bazar

I swear by the products of Body Bazar! Do you suffer from blemishes, blackheads and do you have a sensitive skin? Then I definitely recommend you the African Black Soap Body Bazar!

It’s been a number of months since I received this product from Body Bazar. I wasn’t familiar with the African Black Soap at first, but now it has become my NUMBER 1 cleaning product! I use it as a makeup remover and as a cleaning every day. For me this is the first product that truly visibly cleanses my skin (no lies !!!). Also very good to know, you only need a small drop of soap to cleanse your face. So it lasts a long time!

African Black Soap is a natural and – in this case – liquid soap, handmade in Ghana and is used to cleanse the face deep into the pores. This mild exfoliant gives an extremely deep cleaning and reduces pores. The soap has been used for centuries by West African people to address skin problems like acne, scars, wrinkles and other skin conditions.

Perfect for anyone who suffers from enlarged pores and oily skin. Because it dries out your skin a bit, I always use a drop of Argan oil after, also from Body Bazar. The 200 ml African Black Soap costs €21.48 and is available here. World wide shipping!

Bazar Body products are 100% organic and naturally not tested on animals!





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