25 facts about me

Are you ready to get to know me a little bit more?

After hitting 70.000 followers today, I thought: why not do a 25 facts about me?! Here we go…


  1. I am 24 years old turning 25 in a few months!
  2. I am a hybrid – born to a Dutch mom and a Moroccan dad.
  3. I feel 95% Moroccan ūüôā
  4. I live in the Netherlands, but wish to move to Morocco one day.
  5. I have 2 sisters and 1 younger brother.
  6. We have been going to Morocco for 25 years every Summer by car!
  7. I just finished by Bachelors of Arts in Communication!!
  8. When I was just 5 years old I knew all the lyrics and sang every Spice Girls song.

9. My music genre taste is extremely¬†diverse¬†– I love classic, hip hop, r&b, pop, rap, blues, reggae, opera, andalusian, middle eastern, arabic classical music…. and the list goes on.

10. In high school I graduated with an A+ for French. Now there’s only a B left lol

11. There was a time where I used to bake cakes, cupcakes and cookies every weekend. I used to make Khmissa (Hand of Fatima) cupcakes with a mold bought in Morocco. I posted it and got so many reactions that I started a small webshop selling these cutters. That was the first step towards my blog!

12. I’m addicted to watching series on Netflix. Some of the series I’ve watched: PLL, Reign, The Missing, American Horror Story, The Investigator, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Ray Donovan, Stranger Things, Narcos, The Killing. I am currently watching Shadow Hunters. You’re free to leave me some tips!!

13. I have my driver’s license a few years now but I never drive. I just like to¬†be in the passenger’s seat, look outside and day dream.

14. I had no smartphone until I was 20 years old (I had a Nokia until then).

15. I started Instagram in 2013 and it was never my plan to start a blog and become a blogger!

16. I am good at making different accents.

17. Every morning I remember at least two dreams and I can describe them precisely.

18. Because of the fact that I dream A LOT, I also sleep talk A LOT.¬†One time I scared the sh*t out of my best friend. In my sleep I whispered: ”go away, go away…” She filmed me saying this and I scared the sh*t out of myself too.

19. I always sleep with my door closed and it needs to be dark!

20. During one of our trips, I stumbled over my own sandals and fell on my knees in the middle of the medina. Yep that really happened.

21. My favorite drinks in Morocco are Virgin Mojito and of course, sweet atay.

22. I could eat Surinamese Nasi every day!!¬†My other favorite meals are hamburgers & fries, sushi, shrimps and everything that ain’t healthy.

23. I am a morning person! I love to wake up early. I always make sure I have the earliest flight to Morocco and when actually there my alarm clock goes off at 7 am.

24. I never eat Tajine or anything Moroccan (except for mini bastillat and pastry) when in Morocco.

25. If you don’t understand my humor,¬†you might think I am crazy.

I’d like to get to know you better too! Tell me a random fact about yourself!

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  1. Siham says: Reply

    LOVE IT!! ??

    I love mornings too espacially morningwalks??

    1. Siham says: Reply

      Especially I mean?

      1. YUSRA says: Reply

        Love morning walks!

  2. SALOUA says: Reply

    Had echt nooit gedacht dat je een halfbloedje bent.

    One fact about me; ik MOET mn dag beginnen met een glasje muntthee.

    1. YUSRA says: Reply

      Hahaha, I can relate to that!!! X

  3. Random fact about me would be that i was born in Sweden to Pakistani parents and now live in London which started my interest in fashion as all the different cultures are so fascinating. My Instagram is @rohmamalik if you’d want to check it out. Also I’ve been following your Instagram for a while and love how stunning each image looks!

  4. Rux says: Reply

    Why do you never eat anything Moroccan when in morocco ? I find Moroccan food amazing !

    1. YUSRA says: Reply

      Not sure, haha.

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